MCBL 2015

We are not an island...we believe in networking which is why we have a range of collaborators including the following Research Institutions and Researchers:

1. Centre de Recherche sur les Filarioses et Autres Maladies Tropicales (CRFiLMT) headed by Dr. Joseph Kamgno, University of Yaounde I 

2. ANDI Centre of Excellence for Onhocercal Drug discovery, Biotechnology Unit, headed by Dr. Fidelis Cho-Ngwa, University of Buea

3. Research Foundation for Tropical Disease and the Environment (REFOTDE) headed by Dr. Samuel Wanji, University of Buea

4. Prof. Vincent P.K. Titanji, Vice-Chancellor of Cameroon Christian University, CCU, Bali. Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Buea and Founder of the Biotechnology Unit and PRD Project Advisor.

MCBL 2015